Staple Cartridges for Photocopiers

Important – NO manufacturers make their own staples. They are all outsourced and merely branded by manufacturers as their own (to the best of our knowledge).

In fact there are only about 15 different size of staples which are cross compatible over many brands. Yes a Canon staple may fit a Konica Minolta finisher or a Toshiba or Sharp may fit a XEROX model and vice versa.

People often make a huge mistake when choosing the right staple for their photocopier. They assume that they use the photocopier make and model number, this is WRONG!

Photocopiers are fitted with an accessory, originally it was easy they were called a stapler unit but as functionality has improved, they are now called:

  • Finishers
  • Staple finishers
  • Sorter Staplers
  • Booklet makers
  • Saddle Finishers

All these finishers need staples to work, usually they will come in multiple pack of up to 3 staple cartridges, some photocopier staples units especially saddle stitch and booklet finishers will take 2 different size staples

With approximately, 30 brands of photocopier, printer manufacturers some branding the same product under different names, its estimated that there are over 10,000 models of MFP machines which can perform a staple function when fitted with one of approx. 500 finishers options.

Our search references should make it easy for you to find the right one.

Search by:
Part number
Finisher Model
Description such as Staple E1, Staple P1, J1 or many others.

How to Choose Which Copier Staple is Right


The first looks like a machine without a finisher but if your machine can staple the staple unit will be internal and built in.

The 2nd image is an external finisher – a label with the finisher model number will usually be inside the door or on the rear of the machine.

To buy the correct staples for your machine you must reference the FINISHER NOT the COPIER.

DO NOT buy staples based on the copier model number alone as different finishers fit the same machine, please LOOK FOR THE FINISHER MODEL NUMBER.

Ww show here separate and internal staple finishers

LOOK HERE For Your Staple !!

On the finisher there will be a sticker with the model number, you may have to separate the finisher from the copier to find the sticker with the model number.

Note if you cannot see a separate finisher similar to above unit you may have an “internal” finisher or built in staple unit.

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