Discounted Photocopier Staples
Discounted photocopier staples for schools

Schools are one of our biggest customers and we love them, you are one of the few industries that are easy to deal with, this article is to let you know how we would like to make it easier to buy staples from us.

As regular users of photocopiers and printers with staple finishers fitted you appreciate that staples can be expensive and the benefits of buying at lower costs than most dealers will charge for the identical copier staple product.

What can we do to help schools and educational establishments buy better and easier?

Email us and we will open and instant account for you to buy photocopier staples on a 30 day account.
Yes! we will ship to you and invoice how easy is that?

Any current special offers and discounts on photocopiers will automatically be applied to your account.

Of course you may have questions regarding which is the correct staple for your machine and this website should help talk you through that but, of course, if you have any questions we are here to help please just contact us obligation free.