Cheap Photocopier Staples
Note: Before reading this article please note we only supply products from quality suppliers we DO NOT source from cheap, low quality manufacturers in China.

Cheap Copier Staples

Is there such a thing as a cheap staple for use in a photocopier or printer finisher unit?

Yes, low-cost manufacturers exist. But, most people will recognize and accept that there can be a compromise in quality with the price they pay.

Searching the internet reveals that this is not the case. It is a fact that if you simply accept the price given by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of your copier or printer, you are very likely to be paying more than you need to.

In other articles and on our WHICH PHOTOCOPIER STAPLE page, we have discussed the truth about staple manufacturers. The majority for sale are actually a generic range of different sizes made in the same factories. To the best of our knowledge, apart from one or two exceptions, these manufacturers then just box and brand them with their name, such as:

Konica Minolta
Kyocera Mita
XEROX and others.

Warning – However, caution must be exercised when purchasing. There are manufacturers in China now who do not adhere to as strict manufacturing processes for their staples as the factories supplying the OEM’s do.

What can go wrong you ask?

Well in some cases the glue applied in some ranges of staples can either be too much or possibly too little.

When a photocopier printer cartridge has too much glue it can cause the staple not to release when it should or may actually release with an excess of glue still attached causing a jam in the stapling mechanism.

If there is not enough or too little glue the staple cartridge or when only held in a cardboard refill may not remain in the full position that it should and break up.

Usually, the client can clear this reasonably easily themselves, but sometimes they may need an engineer visit to clear the jam in the stapling mechanism.

We have dealers and trade buyers who source from us and sell on to their clients, we will happily sell our trusted staples to you at the same competitive prices.

Buy with confidence quality staples for your printer, copier or finisher from us now.